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Care and Cleaning your Tuning Fork

Jan 30th 2019

I recently heard from a customer who told me that his tuning forks had turned black. I thought he was being a little dramatic. Tuning forks may oxidize which causes dark splotches on a fork but comple … read more

What is Octavization?

Sep 27th 2018

With the introduction of the Weighted Solfeggio Tuning Fork set, the question of why the weighted frequencies are not the same as the unweighted frequencies comes up often. Often converting unweighted … read more

That High Pitched Sound - High Harmonic

Aug 17th 2017

Often when you tap an unweighted tuning fork you will hear a high pitched tone along with the actual frequency of the tuning fork. That high pitch tone is called a high harmonic and is normal, it is j … read more