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Sound Therapy and the Five Elements: Ether

In the last post I introduced sound therapy and the five elements. In the next few posts I will talk about the qualities of the elements, how to identify if someone is in or out of balance with that element and recommended protocols with tuning forks as explained in Human Tuning by Dr. John Beaulieau. 


Perhaps the best way to explain what ether is to point out what it is not. Ether is not fire, air, water or earth. If ether is not any of these elements, then ether must be the space in between these elements. So how do you balance space?

Space is the environment you are in. Many people can't live in a space without plant life or color. How many times have you heard someone complain that their office space does not feel good. I personally would prefer to live in the woods or by a the ocean. Others could not conceive of living anywhere but in a big city. Even when I am living in a rural area, I still feel the need to visit a city once in a while. So our desire for space (ethers) is constantly changing. We adjust our space frequently because we assign an emotional state to the space we are in. "I don't feel like being by the ocean today, let's go into town."

Reading the Ether 

You can identify someone having difficulty with ether because they may feel emotional loss or physically feel lost (wandering aimlessly or without direction). Some who are ether balanced may have a sense of purpose, feel like everything is in balance or going their way. They may also hear higher messages.

When you feel the need be in a quite setting like a park or beach and go there, this is your way of tuning yourself. You can also tune yourself for the ethers with the Solar Harmonic protocol below from John Beaulieu .

Ether Balance
C256 G
C256 C512
C256 G
C256 C512

Remember that space is not just where you are such as an office building or on an airplane. The ethers and space also relates to the temperature or the lighting in a room, even what is going on in the room. For example, who likes the feel of being to be in a hospital as a patient or visitor?

As you go through the rest of the day. See if you can recognize how you and others are reacting to the space you are in. If you feel a little out of balance, try the tuning fork protocol above and see how you feel a few minutes later.

In the next post, I will cover the Air.