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Solar Harmonic Tuning Forks and the Five Elements

The five elements of nature are often referred to in many healing traditions including ayurveda, feng shui, wicca and Chinese medicine. Gandhiji affirmed his belief natural cures by air, water, earth and light. Dr. John Beaulieu in his research with tuning forks has found that the Solar Harmonic tuning fork set works with the five elements.

Chinese medicine refers to the five elements as fire, water, earth, wood and metal.  Ayurveda refers to the elements as air, water, earth and the ethers. The Solar Harmonic set relates to ayurveda.


In his digital download, Five Elements - Theory and Evaluation, Dr Beaulieu teaches how to recognize the different elements in us and more importantly, how to recognize deficiency or an excess of the elements. Once that is done, you can the select a combination of tuning forks from the Solar Harmonic set to balance yourself or the person you are working with.

When I first started with sound healing, I was not really interested in incorporating the five elements in my practice. After watching this download, I realized how simple it is to apply and how much fun it can be. I really recommend this download even if five element theory is not a strong interest of yours.

You can download a free white paper on the Solar Harmonics which includes how to use the Solar Harmonics with the five elements.