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Sound Therapy Practitioners

Below is a list of practitioners and educators who use Omnivos tuning forks as well as other sound therapy tools in their practice. Many of these practitioners offer virtual or remote healing and training. Feel free to contact anyone you feel a connection to regardless of their location. If you are an educator or sound therapy practitioner and would like to be included in this list, contact us for details.


Perth, Western Australia

Elena Albertovna Vyatchinova
Doctor of Pediatric Rehabilitation, Clinical Psychologist, Kinesiologist

I am the author of the “Vibrational Cryptograms” a Vibrational Kinesiology modality for the Rehabilitation of Psychosomatic Conditions. I am accredited with the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists Ltd - Diploma of Kinesiology. I received my medical education as Pediatric Doctor at the Ural Medical Academy. Then I received my Certificate of Medical Rehabilitation at the Saint Petersburg Pediatric Institute and then established the Children's Rehabilitation Centre in Syktyvkar. At the Moscow Sechenov’s Medical Academy, I studied in Homeopathy, Reflexology, Kinesiotherapy, Music Therapy and Information-wave Therapy. I received an Advanced Diploma at the Australian College of Sound Therapy. I also work with Color Psychology based on Max Lüscher's research. My program “Vibrational Cryptograms” integrates understanding of each individual’s personality (Maslow, Psychosomatic tables etc.) with their health needs and helps to quickly eliminate the influence of the information space and vibrations of fear that are all around us (with tuning forks and color corrections). The special practical programme of “Vibrospace Detox” - Sound Therapy with tuning forks is a part of the main “Vibrational Cryptograms” program. The tuning forks have a very gentle effect on the brain and internal organs, quickly eliminating the influence of the all negative vibrations. It can be easily learnt by anyone and used in his or her life. My program is widely accepted, taught and practiced by teachers and practitioners in Australia, Russia, Israel and the USA.

Phone: + 61 4499 41051
Instagram: @Elena.Alberts


Arizona, Tucson

Victoria Stahl
Boundless Light Healing Arts

Victoria believes healing comes from an intuitive understanding rather than an intellectual exercise, and that when we invite access to our higher healing selves, we illuminate the essence of Truth and well-being. Drawing from over 40 years of training and experience, Victoria offers Meridian Chiming™ using stone-tipped tuning forks, Sound Healing, Spiritual Response Therapy®, Biodynamic Craniosacral work, Biodynamic Resonance® technique, Healing Essences, Acudetox and Acuwellness (ear seeding) and more. She is honored to be working with humans, horses and other Earthlings in Tucson, and as convergence sessions worldwide.


Colorado, Longmont

Alexi Silance, DNM, AuD

I am dedicated to educating others on the profound benefits of tuning fork therapy, an approach that harmonizes the body’s internal rhythms, aids in fascial release, supports the lymphatic system, and fosters anti-aging benefits. With a Ph.D. in Integrative, Natural, and Quantum Healing Modalities and over 20 years of experience in sound therapies, I guide individuals through the therapeutic use of tuning forks, blending scientific knowledge with holistic healing practices. For those in the Front Range area, I offer a firsthand experience of this tranquil and restorative therapy, inviting you to explore a path to blissful relaxation and effective pain alleviation. My approach merges scientific insight with a passion for natural healing, offering a serene path to blissful relaxation and effective pain reduction. Join me in unlocking the healing power of sound and vibration to rejuvenate mind, body, and spirit.

Phone: 714-438-9275
Instagram: @Dr.AlexiSilance
Facebook: Unlock Health

Hawaii, Kauai

Appelusa McGlynn
Light Body Energetics

Appelusa works with a variety of healing modalities from frequency to breath. She is certified in Biofield Tuning, Vibrational Fascia Release, Reiki, and Biopulsar Biofeedback, a certified medical device from Germany which reads the vitality of 49 glands, organs, and brain parameters, auric field, and chakra balance. She is a recent graduate of Maharishi International University studying Consciousness and Ayurveda. She is a certified Soma Breath facilitator incorporating movement, rhythmic breathing, rhythmic music, kumbhaka, and sound therapy. She is currently working on a certification to become a functional medicine practitioner through FDN. Appelusa offers in-person and remote healing sessions and online Soma Breathwork journeys. Ayurveda is the science of self-healing. As Ayurveda teaches, to support others in their healing, you must authentically engage in your own.

Phone: (818) 635 1995
Instagram: @lightbody_energetics

Iowa, Davenport

Becky Nakashima Brooke
Illuminate Healing Studio

Becky is an end of life doula, qigong instructor, Reiki practitioner, sound healer, Thai Bodyworker, and yoga instructor. She uses tuning forks in her private sessions of Reiki, sound healing, and Thai Bodywork.

Phone: 563-505-0476

Minnesota, Minneapolis

Donette Ambrosy
Fine Tuning Vibrational Therapeutics, LLC

Donette Ambrosy is a sound therapist with a diploma in Integral Sound Healing from Sound Healing Academy. Through her South Minneapolis practice, Fine Tuning Sound Therapy, Donette offers customized 1:1 and couples sound therapy sessions. Combining science-based techniques with ancient healing traditions, Donette seeks to help clients activate their own innate abilities to self-heal.

Instagram: @finetuningsoundtherapy

New Jersey, Hillsborough

Bayrta Fayvilevich, LMT, Craniosacral therapy, Vibrational Kinesiology, Bioresonance

I was born and raised in Russia. While in Russia I worked with people who had experienced clinical death. This experience raised relating to the manifested and the un-manifested world. After moving to the US I studied energy regulation of the body in more depth. I have been trained in of vibrational kinesiology using tuning forks and singing bowls at the Australian Institute Kinesiology. I am also an Detox program (AIK) instructor which uses tuning forks. I am guided by Nicola Tesla’s words: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”.

Instagram: @bodywork.nj

New Jersey, Monmouth Beach

Dave Gatenby
Energy & Harmony Au Naturel

Dave offers group and personalized 1:1 Healthy Frequencies sessions with an emphasis on ancient healing frequencies produced in various ways, including tuning forks, chimes, singing bowls, Native American flute, seashell horns, and other instruments from his extensive worldwide collection of musical instruments which he has put together over the past half century. Group and individual sound sessions catalyze wellness of mind, body, and spirit. In addition to being a musician since childhood, Dave is an engineer, audiophile, and holistic/naturopathic health advocate and autodidact.

Phone: 732-759-0550

New Mexico, Santa Fe

Adrienne Smith
Perfect Fifths Sound Healing

Adrienne Smith is a sound healing practitioner based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Through her private practice, she works 1:1 with clients and holds group sound baths. She is a teacher with the Sound Healing Academy and teaches monthly sound healing workshops in Santa Fe, Scottsdale, and Ojai, California. She has a special fondness for tuning forks, and nothing brings her greater joy than watching her clients fall in love with them too after experiencing their power first-hand.

Instagram: @perfectfifths_soundhealing

Virginia, Hampton

Sandi Santiafo

For over 20 years I have helped people heal their stress, mental fog, trauma responses, mental and physical blockages. I am a High Priestess, Ordained Minister, Sound Healer, Reiki Master and Spiritual Guide. I love to mix modalities to create a complete personal healing program for my clients. I myself have healed through autoimmune issues, mental fog, stresses of life, trauma both physical and mental and depression. This has enabled me to help heal others with compassion and understanding.


Wisconsin, Kewaunee

Love, Bobbie Jo
Author, Speaker, Coach, Founder of the Kapa Kai® SEA Method

Love, Bobbie Jo is passionate about helping you “Find Your SEA™.” (Soul-Energy-Alignment) She combines the healing benefits of sound meditation along with powerful coaching conversations to help you “tune-in” to your soul, to create the life and business you truly desire. Bobbie Jo also trains students through her SEA Soundscape Meditation Artist certification program, teaching you how to work with sound, breath, meditation, energy and the healing power of the sea. She offers her services both online and in person.

Instagram: @Love.BobbieJo


Saink Petersburg

Elena Zabrodina

I graduated from the Institute of Psychology in St. Petersburg and am also a certified as instructor of the "Vibrational Cryptograms" course, accredited with of the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists. My work focus' on cleansing the physical and energetic bodies through the use of sound and color vibrations to bring organs and body systems into balance. During my sessions I remove psychological and energetic distortions. I also teach my clients and students the methods of working with tuning forks and color vibrations.

Phone: + 7911 7899 188