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Sound Therapy and the Five Elements: Fire

In the previous post, I discussed how to identify and work with sound therapy and the air element as explained by Dr. John Beaulieu in his book, Human Tuning. In this post I will talk about fire.

"Light a fire under his butt", "Turn the heat on", "I'm burnt out" are all expressions we use to describe fire. Most people never make the connection.


Fire is what gives us our get-up-and-go. If you've ever decided that there is something you want to do and take immediate steps to do it, that's fire working. If by the end of the day you feel exhausted, your fire element is low.

Understanding this can help you to know when fire balance is necessary. Remember that so too much drive is also an indication that fire may be out of balance.

Some of the personal qualities of low fire include aggression, trying to dominate people or events and, creating lots of drama. Some of the qualities of balance fire include the ability to take action, standing up for yourself, being forgiving.

Try this protocol from John Beaulieu to balance fire with Solar Harmonic Tuning Fork Set:

Fire Balance
C256 G
C256 E
C256 A

In the next post I will discuss the protocol for water.