All our tuning forks are made in the USA


FAQ - A Tuning Fork Primer

About our Tuning ForksAll of our tuning forks are made in the USA. Some are manufactured for Omnivos Therapeutics and others are from Biosonics. You will see either Omnivos or Biosonics on the product … read more

Introduction to Tuning Forks

Anyone starting out with tuning forks can be easily confused by the terminology and various types of forks available. This introductory video will get you started. It answers some of your basic que … read more

Introduction to Unweighted Tuning Forks

Unweighted tuning forks can be made to a wide range of frequencies. Medical practitioners use unweighted tuning forks as part of a hearing test. Holistic practitioners use unweighted tuning forks for … read more

Introduction to Weighted Tuning Forks

A weighted tuning fork is also known as an Otto Tuner. Otto is short for Osteophonic; “osteo” meaning bones and “phonic” relating to sound. So weighted tuning forks or Otto tuners bring sound to th … read more

Introduction to Sound Therapy

Vibrational Sound TherapyIf you have ever had homeopathic remedies, acupuncture, color therapy, Reiki, flower essences, sound therapy or even aspirin, then you have already experienced vibrational med … read more

Using Two Weighted Tuning Forks Together

The question I was asked was how to use two weighted tuning forks at the same time. It is a really good question. I always start a session with two weighted tuning forks, the Otto 128 and the Om … read more

Care and Cleaning your Tuning Forks

I recently heard from a customer who told me that his tuning forks had turned black. I thought he was being a little dramatic. Tuning forks may oxidize which causes dark splotches on a fork but comple … read more