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Sound Therapy and the Five Elements: Air

In the previous post, I discussed how to identify and work with sound therapy and the ether element as explained by Dr. John Beaulieu in his book, Human Tuning. In this post I will talk about air.

The Air Element 

I suspect that quite unconsciously, we talk about the qualities of air all the time. Its hot, humid, windy, the air feels stale, the air feels still etc. We also personalize the qualities of air; "I'm such an air head today". We are most comfortable with air is constantly in motion. When then air feels stale we talk about it as if there is something wrong and have to leave the room but a windy day does not evoke that same feeling. A windy day is just windy. We do recognize and personalize the qualities of air.

Reading The Air Element 

You've experienced excessive air during those times when you have a thought that you cannot express or so many thoughts that you cannot focus on one. Feeling restless maybe the result of an air imbalance. As Dr. Beaulieu explains, when someone is exhibiting excessive air, they will talk very quickly and seeming without focus switch from one thought to another or perhaps unable to make a decision. Qualities of balanced air include clear thinking and decision making, patient and easy to talk with. When air is in balance we are focused, directed and alert.

As you walk through your day, try to notice and interpret the air balance of the people around you, then with yourself. If you are feeling unfocused, try this protocol from John Beaulieu for the Solar Harmonic Tuning Fork Set:

Air Balance
C256 G
C256 C512
C256 F
C256 G

Remember that you can find a full discussion of balancing the five elements in the book, Human Tuning and in the DVD Five Elements, Theory and Evaluation. The next post will discuss the element which cannot exist without air, fire.

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