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Can I Hurt Someone With Sound Therapy

Can you do damage with sound therapy? The short answer is no but it does depend on 1) how stubborn you or your practitioner are and 2) how much you are willing to put up with.

Sound therapy is about frequencies and vibration, resonance and dissonance. I'll go into what these terms mean in a separate post but for now, know that resonance feels comfortable and dissonance feels uncomfortable. For example, if you are introduced to someone and instantly feel good about that person, that is resonance. If you take a dislike to that person, that’s dissonance. If you turn on the radio and can't listen to song that's playing, that is dissonance. Want to listen to the same song over and over again? That's resonance.

If during any type of healing session you feel uncomfortable, your body is telling you that what you are receiving is dissonant. If on the other hand you are completely relaxed after a session, then you were in resonance with what was happening.

The important thing to take away is that you’ll survive. Why? Because your body is a lot stronger than any frequency brought to it so if you give or receive a session that does not feel right, don’t worry. You might feel a little out of sorts for a while but you will recover.

Now if you continually subject yourself or your client to the same dissonant frequencies, that could be a problem because of something known as sympathetic resonance. If you continually encounter a frequency stronger than you, you’ll eventually start vibrating at that frequency. That's sympathetic resonance. So the important point here is if something does not feel right, then pause and consider whether you want to do it again.

There is a lot more I can and will say about this in the next few weeks. For now, just know that if you give or receive a therapy which does not feel good, you will recover and be just fine.