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Music as a Prescription for Health

Last week the BBC published an article on how some day patients may be prescribed music to address physical and emotional problems. Scientists at Glasgow Caledonian University will be looking at how a … read more

Dissonance and Sound Therapy, a Good Thing

Dissonance means lack of harmony or not agreeing in sound. Most people automatically assume that dissonance is a bad thing but it is not. In fact, listening to dissonant sound can help to bring about … read more

Learning Disabilities and Tuning Forks

Occasionally I will be contacted by a parent who has a child with learning disabilities. The question they have is what frequencies or tuning fork sets should they get to help their child. To my knowl … read more

How to use the Chakra Tuning Forks

The idea of chakras or energy centers in and around the body is the focal point of many different healing methods. It is understood that if energy flows freely through the chakra centers then the body … read more

Using an Activator with Tuning Forks

Some folks like to use elaborate devices to use to create a tone with their tuning forks. I've seen some shaped like a triangle which sit on a table, I've seen another which comes with a leg strap and … read more