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Getting Started with Tuning Forks and the Solfeggio

Last year I posted a beginner's guide to the solfeggio tuning forks. I reviewed it last week and decided to make some minor changes. So if you are new to the solfeggio tuning forks, here's a guide to getting started. The reason I feel it is important to follow this guide is because it will help you to become attuned to these frequencies, call it a foundation.

There's a video below in case you're a visual kind of person.

Step 1 - Listen to each frequency


Find a quiet and comfortable place to sit. Starting with the first tuning fork, tap and place it about 3" - 6" from your ear. Impatience will want you to tap   as soon as the tone starts to fade but resist that temptation. Just bring the fork a little closer to your ear. Then really concentrate on the tone as it becomes fainter. This focus helps you to become more open to the frequency. Once the tone completely fades, tap again and place it by your other ear.

Repeat this for each fork in your set. Listen to each fork 3 times a day for 12-14 days. You can do it all in one sitting or once in the morning, afternoon and evening. That is up to you.

Step 2 - Listen to two tuning forks at the same time

Next try listening to the 1st and 2nd tuning fork in your set at the same time. Tap both against your puck and place them by either ear allowing the tones to fade. Then tap again placing them by the opposite ear.

Follow the same procedure for the 2nd and 3rd fork, 3rd and 4th etc. Once you have done the 8th and 9th fork, listen to the 9th and 1st fork to complete the circle.

Do this for 7-10 days, three times a day.

Step 3 - Listen to each tuning fork with each of the other forks in the set

Now you will be listening to each tuning fork with the rest of the forks in the set. Listen to the 1st and 2nd fork following the process in step 1.

Next, listen to the 1st and 3rd fork, then 1st and 4th etc. When you've listened to the 1st and 9th fork, repeat this process with the 2nd and 3rd fork, 2nd and 4th up to the 9th. After listening to the 2nd and 9th, listen to the 2nd and 1st fork to complete the circle. Do this with all the forks in the set.

It would be good if you could do this three times a day but this one takes a little longer. At least once a day for 7-10 days.

Step 4 - Listen in groups of three according to the numbers in the frequency

The solfeggio frequencies are based on the numbers 3, 6 and 9, if you add the frequencies using numerology, they will add up to 3, 6 or 9 (1+4+7= 12, 1+2=3). Group your forks by numerology so...

  • 174, 471 & 741
  • 285, 528 & 852
  • 369, 639 & 936

Listen to each fork against each other, within the group:

  • 174 & 471
  • 471 & 741
  • 741 & 174

Repeat this process for the other 2 groups. Do this three times a day for 7-10 days.

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