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The Solfeggio Tuning Fork Frequencies as a Weighted Tuning Fork Set

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This post is in response to a question I received regarding the weighted Solfeggio. 

Why are the frequencies for the weighted Solfeggio not the same as the unweighted Solfeggio? 

The short answer is that the higher frequencies of this scale can not be made into a tuning fork. Anything above the 528hz as a weighted fork will have a short ring tone. In visual terms, the higher the frequency the shorter the prong and the shorter the prong, the shorter the tone will sound.

To make the Solfeggio as a weighted tuning fork set we need to use lower frequencies than the standard unweighted set. This is where octavization comes in. 


Octavization is the term for halving or doubling a frequency. Mathematicians and scientists do this to make frequencies we would not be able to hear, into a range we can hear. For example, the Schumann Resonance is generally used as the frequency of Earth, 7.83 hz when it comes to tuning forks and sound therapy. We humans can hear tones from about 20hz to 20,000hz so 7.83 is below our auditory range. So how can we hear an Earth frequency?

First, 7.83 hz is rounded to 8 hz to make the math easier and because humans cannot experience the difference in .82 hz.

8 hz doubled is 16 hz
16 doubled is 32 hz (Otto 32 tuning fork)
32 doubled is 64 hz (Otto 64 tuning fork)
64 doubled is 128 hz (Otto 128 tuning fork)
128 double is 256 hz (the Solar Harmonics set's lower frequency)
256 doubled is 512 hz (the Solar Harmonics set's highest frequency)
512 doubled several times is 4096 hz (aka the Crystal tuner and a frequency in the Angel tuner set)

That is why the forks mentioned above are considered Earth frequencies.

Getting back to the Solfeggio, it is octavization that allows us to convert the Solfeggio in to a weighted set while keeping the integrity of the 3, 6, 9 numerology. Halving or doubling the unweighted frequencies till as a set, they are first, audible and then work well together.

The frequencies of the weighted Solfeggio offered by Omnivos are printed on each tuning fork.

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