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Sound Therapy with Weighted Tuning Forks and the Importance of Nitric Oxide

What do Nitroglycerin, Nitric Oxide and Fireflies have in common?

For thousands of years civilizations have used sound therapy as a method for healing. Only recently, concurrent with medical research on the benefits of nitric oxide, are we beginning to understand one of the many ways sound therapy profoundly effects healing. This story begins with nitroglycerine.

In 1867 Alfred Nobel patented a method for making nitroglycerine safer to handle -- dynamite. Twelve years later, Nobel’s work led to research by William Murrell, M.D. who diluted nitroglycerin to make it non-explosive. In doing so, Murrell created a remedy for angina. But how exactly does nitroglycerin help to relieve angina?

A century later Robert Furchgott, Ph.D. professor of pharmacology, at the State University of New York at Brooklyn, discovered the molecule which signals the cardio vascular system to relax. He called it endothelium-derived relaxing factor (EDRF). Originally researchers thought that EDRF was a protein, but in 1987 Dr. Furchgott, Louis Ingarro, Ph.D. and Ferid Murad, Ph.D. presented evidence that EDRF was actually a gas -- nitric oxide. It was their research that linked nitroglycerine to the release of nitric oxide which instructs the cardiovascular system to relax, thus helping to prevent heart attacks.

This discovery sparked the attention of the medical community and today the role of nitric oxide is considered one of the most exciting breakthroughs in modern medicine with more than 20,000 papers written on the subject and over two hundred million dollars spent on research. It has already been shown that nitric oxide works with our immune system to destroy pathogens and tumor cells. Nitric oxide may play a role plays with the nervous system, muscle relaxation, as well as pregnancy and fertility issues. Nitric oxide gas assists premature babies to breathe easier if their lungs are not absorbing oxygen.

Ongoing research into the relationship between sound and nitric oxide by George Stefano, Ph.D. and John Beaulieu, N.D, Ph.D. has led them to believe that using the Otto 128 weighted tuning fork instructs the body to release nitric oxide which in turn relieves joint and muscle pain. For this reason, you'll want to use the Otto 128 along the spine for good health and areas where their is pain. In the next post, I'll explain ways to use the Otto 128 to accomplish this.

Dr. John Beaulieu has written a great study on Nitric Oxide.

By the way, ever wonder what causes fireflies to flash? Yep, nitric oxide.