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Earth Frequenices and Tuning Forks


In a previous post, I talked about how the Schumann resonance and how the most popular frequencies for the Otto Weighted Tuning Forks were derived. The Om 136.1 tuner is also an earth frequency but based on the work of Hans Cousteau. Through his research we know the frequencies of the planets. What is not commonly known is that there are actually two frequencies used for Earth vibrations.

The Earth frequency used most often is 136.1 Hz which is known as the Earth Year. If you measured the vibration created by the Earth revolves around the sun, it would be 136.1 hz. This frequency is described by Cousteau and others as "relaxing, soothing, balancing".

The other Earth frequency is 194.18 hz. This is known as the Earth Day, the frequency of the vibration created as the Earth rotates on its axis each day. This frequency is described as "dynamic, vitalizing".

There are not a lot of requests for the Earth Day (194.18 hz) tuning fork so this is a special order which takes about 3 week. The Earth Year tuning fork, usually referred to as Earth or Om 136.1 tuning fork is always available.