Solar Harmonics Tuning Fork Set

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If you choose to work with only one set of tuning forks, this is the set we recommend. The Solar Harmonic tuning fork set instantly bring you to the place where those who meditate strive for, inner silence. The help to bring people to a still point, a point where awareness is no longer physical and a deep serenity is experienced.

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It is inner silence where the mind is quieted and time seems to stand still. It is in that place that complete balance and harmony is achieve and healing instantly takes place.

If you are new to tuning forks or are uncertain how to begin with the Solar Harmonic, download our beginners guide to help you get started.

Solar Harmonic Frequencies:

256.00 - C
288.00 - D
320.00 - E
341.30 - F
384.00 - G
426.70 - A
480.00 - B
512.00 - C


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