Chakra Tuning Fork Set

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Expected release date is Mar 8th 2019

Sorry but we are currently out of stock. We expect to be able to ship the Chakra sets in early March. Feel free to place your order, your credit card will not be charged and we will contact you in March with a shipping update.


According to many eastern traditions, Chakras like acupuncture points are openings for energy to flow through our body. This energy vitalizes all aspects of our being. Each of the seven major chakras has several different attributes including a particular frequency.Working with the chakas can harmonize the physical body which in turn can bring about higher states of awareness. The Chakra Tuning Forks contains a set 7 unweighted tuning forks used around the energetic body for balancing the energy centers of the body. This set comes with an activator (puck).

Root: 194.18hz Throat: 141.27hz
Sacral: 210.42hz 3rd Eye: 221.23hz
Solar Plexus: 126.22hz Crown: 172.06hz
Heart: 136.10hz  
3.00 (in)
2.00 (in)
8.00 (in)