• Otto 64 Tuning Fork

    Otto 64 Tuning Fork

    The Otto 64 is used primarily on the lower back and hips for easing pain and stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. This fork is great for body workers such as massage therapists,...

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  • Otto 32 Tuning Fork

    Otto 32 Tuning Fork

    The Otto 32 is used near the skin to regenerate and stimulate nerves. It is often used around the cranium for head aches and eye strain. It is moved around the head and skin to assist in regenerating...

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  • Angel Tuners

    Angel Tuners

    These forks are excellent for energy workers and individuals who want to open there senses to higher realms. They help to open your mind to new ideas and provides increased receptivity. By vibrating...

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  • Crystal Tuner - Earth

    Crystal Tuner - Earth

    The 4096Hz, known as the Crystal Tuner is used with a clear quartz crystal. Tapping the Crystal Tuner against a crystal will cause the crystal to active and work with the energy body. he result is a...

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