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Tuning Fork Starter Set

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A great way to get started with sound therapy and tuning forks! The Sound Therapy Starter Set comes with the Otto 128, Earth Tuner (also referred to as mid-om) and the Body Tuners (C 256hz & G384hz).

136.1 hz Earth Tuning Fork: Tuned the Earth frequency of 136.1Hz, the Ohm Tuner (also referred to as mid-ohm) helps to release strain and stress in the heart. Use it when your energy is low, you feel a lack of connectedness, unable to focus and concentrate or feel need to ground.

Otto 128: The Otto 128 is used for pain management, muscle spasms, or circulation. It promotes relaxation, enhanced memory, and enhanced sexual function by stimulating the nervous system and release of nitric oxide which has been found to reduce inflammation.

Body Tuners: The Body Tuners set is excellent for those who may be feeling out of balance due to daily stress by helping to balance the nervous system for enhanced life performance. The Body Tuners set contains two tuning forks tuned to the notes of C an G (C256hz and G384hz).

These tuning forks allow you to work with the physical body and energetic body helping to to reduce stress, relief pain and balance the nervous system.

There are a few options available for this set.

  1. The tuning fork activator makes it easy to create a good tone with your unweighted forks. We recommend this especially for beginners. The additional cost is $7.50. There is a picture of it below.
  2. Our standard tuning fork comes with 2" stem or handle. Some people prefer a longer handle so we have added a three inch handle option for the Otto 128 and Om Tuner.


 Tuning Fork Activator

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(18 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Very Happy

    Posted by C. Chemerys on Mar 16th 2016

    Very happy with this order. Great quality product and comes with nice bags for forks. Was impressed with the follow up email that was sent once my order had been delivered, to make sure that I was happy with the product/ if I had any questions. Book is also very informative. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

  • 5
    Super happy

    Posted by Ana on Mar 16th 2016

    I bought the Tuning Fork Starter Set for my dad, as he is a Holistic Health and Reiki practitioner. He was super happy with the instruments and has never heard of them before. He will definitely incorporate them in his practice and can't wait to learn more about them and their benefits. The customer service was exceptional! Super fast and friendly! The package was delivered from the States to Latvia! Thanks Omnivos!

  • 5
    Great Service

    Posted by DJ on Mar 16th 2016

    Just received these beauties in the mail and started watching the video. Shipping was fast and customer service is top notch. Very helpful with my questions!

  • 5
    Great Comfort

    Posted by Yvonne on Mar 16th 2016

    I have purchased the crystal tuner and have had great comfort in recognizing the change in my surroundings. I recently purchased additional tuners and once I notice how they are correcting or enhancing body changes, I will write another review.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Alesa on Mar 16th 2016

    This is an excellent starting place to learn about the therapeutic uses of tuning forks. I am completely new to this and felt like it covered all the basics. I think it would be helpful if you also include the Otto Tuning Fork as it covers that as well. This opened up a whole new world for me. Sound and vibrational medicine is cutting edge and this gives you a good look at one of the modalities.

  • 5
    Easy to use

    Posted by mildred turner on Mar 16th 2016

    very easy to use the sound healing cd is even a greater help. you learn to use the tuning forks right away thank you i'm looking forward to better health