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Practitioner's Tuning Fork Set II

Omnivos & Biosonics

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The Practitioner II is our most compete set of weighted and unweighted tuning forks.

The Otto (osteophonic) tuners are placed by the ears and on joints, muscle and nerve groups which in turn resonate throughout the body providing relief from arthritis, knee or back pain, surgery or a strenuous workout. Otto tuning forks have a weight atop each prong. Unweighted tuning forks like the Solar Harmonics are place around the body and by the ears.

Included with this Set

  • Otto 32
  • Otto 64
  • Otto 128
  • Om 136.1 (also referred to as mid-ohm) 
  • Solar Harmonics Set
  • Solfeggio Set
  • Activator

Please note that Solar Harmonics bag color is now gold.

The Otto 128 has been shown by Dr. John Beaulieu to promote the release of nitric oxide, a gas in our blood vessels known to relieve joint pain and promote relaxation and health. The Otto 128  tuning fork comes with a 3" handle.

Using with the Om 136.1hz Tuner with Otto 128 can be very meditative and relaxing helping to reduce stress. The Om 136.1 tuning fork comes with a 3" handle.

The Otto 64 is a weighted tuning fork used primarily on the lower back and hips for easing pain and stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system but can really be placed anywhere on the body. This fork is great for body workers such as massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors and people with back or hip pain.

The Otto 32 is a weighted tuning fork used along the skin to regenerate and stimulate nerves. It is also used around the cranium for head aches and eye strain. It may also assist in regenerating nerve damage. The Otto 32 is also effective in stimulating the cranial sacral pulse when used on the feet and ankles. Please note: the Otto 32 does not come with a bag.

The Solar Harmonic tuning fork set can bring you to the place where those who meditate strive for, inner silence. They help to bring people to a still point, the point where awareness is no longer physical and a deep serenity is experienced. It is inner silence where the mind is quieted and time seems to stand still. It is in that place that complete balance and harmony is achieved and healing instantly takes place. The Solar Harmonics is a chakra set with 8 notes:  C, D, E, F, G A, B & C.

The Solfeggio set is most often used to assist with healing deep emotional issues and creating an opening for heightened levels of awareness. These tuning forks are based on the numbers 3, 6 and 9. Add the numbers of each frequency and they will equal 3, 6, or 9 (1+7+4=12, 1+2=3).

3 – Trinity
6 – Mastery, you are in control of your life, make decisions to ascend to new awareness
9 – Completion is at hand, time to move on

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  • 5

    Posted by Antoinette on Dec 27th 2023

    This set is my introduction to personal sound therapy practice, and is such a lovely set. My first WOW was how fast shipping was. I ordered on December 22 and received on the 26th. Even with the busyness of the holiday in between that time, it still came with lightning speed! I used the Solfeggio tuning forks first, twice, and felt the most soothing, wonderful relaxation and lightness. It was surreal and healing, providing much needed emotional and physical relief. I felt tension, anxiety, sadness, and more just dissipate. I very much look forward to practice with the Otto and Solar Harmonic sets. Thank you all at Omnivos Therapeutics.

  • 5
    Tuning fork set 2

    Posted by Dana Koussa on Dec 11th 2023

    I received my set today and I love it so much! They are really well packed and amazing quality..cant wait to start my studies with them. Thank you !

  • 5
    The real deal.

    Posted by Rebik on Jul 8th 2016

    Such a fantastic set, from a knowledgable and generous teacher and practitioner. The quality and workmanship are outstanding. Many thanks to Omnivos for making these invaluable tools available.

  • 5
    Really enjoy this set

    Posted by Jaason on Mar 16th 2016

    Really enjoy this set. I also was happy that the forks came with nice cloth cases. I have other forks from other companies that will be of very little use now that I have this set. Very impressed with the with the sustained tone that is produced from these fine tuning forks. Looking forward to using these for a long time. Thanks again Omnivos!!

  • 5
    Doctor's tools

    Posted by Jesus Land Tidd on Mar 16th 2016

    Doctor's tools... Not a overly commercialized web site that has time to focus on individual particular needs and has quality tuning forks. I trust my purchase here after over a year reviewing other web sites. Tuning forks are certainly doctor tools for those who want true healing avoiding improper sounds. Nice prices for sets. Best way to go. Give the Body something to listen to!!!