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Which Tuning Forks to Use for Meditation

I am often asked which tuning forks are best for meditation and relaxation. In my opinion, start with either the Body Tuners or the Otto 128 and Ohm/Earth tuner. First, the reason why there are two recommendations is because the Body Tuners are an unweighted set and the Otto 128 and Om 136.1 hz tuners are weighted tuning forks. You can start with either set however I recommend both. The difference between the weighted and unweighted tuning forks is that the weighted work better on the body whereas the unweighted tuning forks work best around the body and by the ears.

Otto 128 and Om 136.1 Weighted Tuning Forks


The Otto 128 and Ohm Earth Weighted Tuning forks are placed on the body or by the ears. When placed on the body they help to release nitric oxide, a naturally occurring gas in our blood which helps to reduce inflammation. In general, these weighted tuning forks will help your body to relax and release tension. When placed by the ears these tuning forks create what is known as an alpha wave. An alpha wave or alpha state as it is often called is where you are mentally when you are relaxed, say at the end of the day or walking in the park. For reference, a beta state is when you are alert such as being focused at work or at that moment when you've been in a near miss in an accident or you notice your child about to run into traffic, very alert and aware. So the Otto 128 and Om 136.1 tuners are great for creating a relaxed state physically and mentally. They are easy to use and you can start working with them in minutes. You can read a little more about alpha waves here.

Body Tuners

These two unweighed tuning forks are known as the perfect 5th in music terms. They are also called Shiva and Shakti and Yin and Yang. Unlike weighted tuning forks, these are not normally placed on the body. Instead they are placed around the body and by the ears. They help to tune and balance the nervous system and bring about mental calmness and quiet the mind. They too only take minutes to learn and are easy to use. They are light weight and fit easily in a purse, glove compartment or office drawer.

Either of these sets are a great starting point learning about tuning forks, sound therapy, to begin a meditation, massage or healing session.

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