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Massage Therapists and Weighted Tuning Forks


Massage Therapists find that working with weighted tuning forks makes their work easier and more effective. The best set for massage therapists is the Otto Tuners. For more information on what a weighted tuning fork is, read the post on weighted tuning forks.A weighted tuning fork has a round weight at the end of each prong. The weight causes the tuning fork to vibrate more strongly so that it can be felt at the stem of the fork. When you place the stem of the tuning fork on the body, you and your client will feel the vibration. That vibration instantly instructs the body to relax the muscles, joints and nerve groups. If the body is relaxed, then your work will be easier and more effective.

We know the body relaxes with the weighted tuning fork due to the research of Dr. John Beaulieu where they discovered that the Otto 128 causes the release of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a naturally occurring gas emitted from blood which causes the body's systems to relax. Aside from the research, most everyone who uses the weighted tuning forks experiences relaxation in the body and often, a reduction of any physical pain they may be experiencing.

Experienced massage therapists will select the Ohm Otto Tuning Fork Set. This set contains 4 weighted tuning forks; Otto 128, Otto 64, Otto 32 and the Om 136.1 fork. While each of these forks can be used anywhere on the body, each tend to be more effective at certain parts of the body. There is a very good download on how to use weighted tuning forks if you are new to sound therapy. Take a look and John Beaulieu's Sound Healing with Tuning Forks download.

In the next post will discuss each of the weighted tuning forks, how and where they can be used.