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Getting Started with Tuning Forks

Here are some short videos on the different types of tuning forks meant to help you select the right tuning forks for you and how to use them. These are the same videos you might have seen on the home page. Below you will find links to popular searches as well as some PDF downloads to help you get started.

There are more in depth articles throughout the education center here.

Introduction to Tuning Forks

How to Use Tuning Forks

How to Use the Angel Tuners & Crystal Tuner

Popular Searches

Weighted Tuning Forks:

Unweighted Tuning Forks:

Solfeggio Tuning Forks:

How to Care for your Tuning Forks:

Getting Started Guides

We have written a few short PDFs on how to get started with some of our tuning fork sets. These are not meant to be a therapy protocol. Use these documents to become familiar with your set. It is our hope that once you are comfortable (i.e. attuned) you will create your own protocol or therapy style. You'll need a PDF reader like Adobe or Apple Preview to read these documents.

Getting started with the Solfeggio Unweighted Set: Download

Getting started with the Solar Harmonics Set: Download

Getting started with the Chakra Set: Download

Of Sound Mind and Body - John Beaulieu

Below is an excerpt from an interview with John Beaulieu with Jeff Volk.