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Om Tuning Fork


I've had a few questions lately about weighted tuning forks and the feeling of being a little spacey after listening to the Solfeggio tuning forks. One reason for the feeling of "spacey" or light-headed is that the frequencies you are working with help to relieve you from the weight of every day living such as kids, work, money etc. Notice that I said relieve and not release. Working with tuning forks, singing bowls or any type of sound healing tool does not trigger an on off switch. It just helps you to flip the switch yourself. Its up to you to decide if you want to flip it on again.

Working with sound can help you relax to a point where you forget about your burdens, physically and mentally. But when the session is over and you need to get back your car, you may need a little help grounding or feeling more present. There are two things that I found help, a handful of nuts and the Om tuning fork. The nuts you'd eat, the Ohm tuner you'd place on the bottom of the feet and knees. The result is more awareness and connection to what is going on around you, it is pretty quick. As a practitioner you should always make sure your client is grounded before leaving. You should look at them, have a short conversation about anything to make sure they are present and aware.

I remember getting a call from someone I had just given a session to. She was on her way home when she suddenly felt "strange" and what I interpreted to be un-grounded. Fortunately she pulled over and was ok but it is important to let you clients, especially your first time clients know what others have experienced.

When you can, try to use the Earth tuning fork on the feet and knees before they leave. This applies not only to sound therapy but any type of healing, especially the ones where energy is moved or released such as reiki, polarity therapy, cranial sacral, acupuncture and chiropractic sessions.