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Clearing a Room with Tuning Forks

It is a good idea to fill a room with harmonics and vibration to clear and balance your environment, especially if you see clients.

You really only need one tuning fork to clear a room but I recommend a minimum of two so that you can fill the room with harmonics. I suggest the C256 and G384. Together, this set is known as the Body Tuners. The C256 resonates with the Earth frequency or Schumann Resonance of 8Hz (I'll discuss this in an upcoming post). Together, these two forks create what is referred to in musical terms as a perfect fifth. They are also referred to as yin and yang or shiva and shakti and are known in many cultures for their healing qualities.

All you need to do is move around the room while tapping these two forks together. I prefer to use a circular movement where I start in the against a wall or by the door and begin walking in a clockwise circle. With the completion of each circle, I move a little closer to the center of the room as if you are walking a labyrinth. When you reach the center, continue the clockwise circle of your labyrinth outward towards the walls of the room.

As you are tapping, try playing the tuning forks using rhythm and symmetry. For example, I like to play in threes. I will tap my tuning forks three times then pause for a second or two then repeat. I find keeping a steady pace and always leaving a moment for silence really helps someone to reach their still point, their inner silence.

Other sets I use for clearing are the Solar Harmonic for bringing in the five elements and Solfeggio Tuning Forks for bringing in higher levels of consciousness and awareness. If you are going to use any of these sets, practice holding several forks in your hand first. By playing many forks together, you create multiple harmonics which bring in higher vibrations.