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Silence and Sound Therapy

Joseph Rael has written several very good books on sound and vibration for healing. He is a Native American also known as Beautiful Painted Arrow. In his latest book, Sound, Native Teachings and Visio … read more

Creating a Sound Therapy Environment

There are 4 considerations when creating a sound therapy environment which I feel are important: Massage Table Room Acoustics Light NoiseMassage TableIt is better for someone to receive a so … read more

Clearing a Room with Tuning Forks

It is a good idea to fill a room with harmonics and vibration to clear and balance your environment, especially if you see clients. You really only need one tuning fork to clear a room but I recomme … read more

Music as a Prescription for Health

Last week the BBC published an article on how some day patients may be prescribed music to address physical and emotional problems. Scientists at Glasgow Caledonian University will be looking at how a … read more

Dissonance and Sound Therapy, a Good Thing

Dissonance means lack of harmony or not agreeing in sound. Most people automatically assume that dissonance is a bad thing but it is not. In fact, listening to dissonant sound can help to bring about … read more

Learning Disabilities and Tuning Forks

Occasionally I will be contacted by a parent who has a child with learning disabilities. The question they have is what frequencies or tuning fork sets should they get to help their child. To my knowl … read more

Can I Hurt Someone With Sound Therapy

Can you do damage with sound therapy? The short answer is no but it does depend on 1) how stubborn you or your practitioner are and 2) how much you are willing to put up with.Sound therapy is about fr … read more

Sound Therapy and Business

Having a business background, I have thought about ways to use sound and sound therapy in an office environment. Piping the tuning forks of the Calendula CD or Peruvian whistles into the office is not … read more

Use of Vowels in Sound Therapy

The use of vowels as a part of sound therapy has been coming up a lot for me lately. Joseph Rael talks about the use of vowels for healing, there are plenty of references to the use for vowels for cle … read more