Sound Therapy for Health, Relaxation and Pain Relief

Welcome to Omnivos Therapeutics where you will find the quality musical instruments for sound healing and meditation. Here you'll find weighted tuning forks, the crystal lyre and crystal harp and other products for experiencing inner silence and personal growth. If you are new to sound therapy, visit our sound therapy education blog.

tuning forks

Tuning Forks

Weighted tuning forks and unweighted tuning forks are often used for specific purposes. Read through the product descriptions to see which sets match your intentions.

Click here and look on the left side of the page to watch the getting started videos or, visit our education center. Take a look at all our tuning forks, weighted tuning forks or unweighted tuning forks.

Crystal Lyre

The Crystal Lyre is the epitome of muscial instruments for Sound Healing. The Crystal Lyre™ is a unique instrument perfect those who like to meditate with sound or offer private and group sound therapy sessions. It is easy to play, very portable and you don't need to be a musician to create an experience everyone will appreciate. More...

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