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Om 136.1 hz Tuning Fork (Earth)


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The 136.1hz Om tuning fork is a weighted tuning fork which are placed by the ears and on joints, muscle and nerve groups which in turn resonate throughout the body providing relief from arthritis, knee or back pain, surgery or a strenuous workout. Using the Otto 128 with the 136.1hz Om tuning fork can be very meditative and relaxing helping to reduce stress.

Om or Aum is a sacred syllable spoken at the beginning and end of prayers. When placed by the ears, on the sternum, the Om Tuner creates deep resonance which is relaxing and familiar. Use this tuning fork for balance and well being. It promotes good physical, emotional and spiritual healing and health. Place this tuning fork on joints, muscles and nerve groups to help relax the body, releasing stress and preventing the onset of illness. Use it on knees and feet for grounding.

This tuner can help center the body and mind when placed on the chest, spine, back of the head and bottom of the feet. Many people use this fork before they begin meditation or yoga. Download the free eBook on Nitric Oxide from Dr. John Beaulieu.

The frequency for the Om or Earth tuner as it is sometimes referred to is the result of research of Hans Cousto and the planetary frequencies. You can read more about his work here.

Handle Length

We have started to phase out the shorter, 2" handles in favor of the 3" handles for the Om 136.1hz. We have a few of the short handles 136.1s left and are offering them at a discount. Longer handles are favored by practitioners who will be using this tuning fork through out the day. It is also recommended for hands with stiff joints or arthritis. The shorter handle is usually fine for everyone else. The 136.1 with the 2" handle is not returnable.

Common Uses of the Om 136.1 hz tuning fork

  • Mediation
  • Stress reduction
  • Joint, muscle and nerve pain
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Improve circulation
  • Promotes relaxation

Clear Quartz Gem Foot

The clear quartz gem foot attaches to all Omnivos and Biosonics tuning forks. People use the gem foot to amplify energy and vibration transmitted but the tuning fork. It is best used with weighted tuning forks. The smooth crystal makes it easy to smoothly slide the tuning fork along the body while it is vibrating. Recommended for the Otto 128 and Om 136.1. The gem foot comes with a small hex wrench and screen to secure the foot to your tuning fork. You can order the gem foot here.

Do I need an activator with this tuning fork?

Not really. You can activate a weighted tuning fork by tapping it against the palm of your hand. Watch the Getting Started videos to learn how. If you have arthritis in your hands then a activator is a good idea. If you are a practitioner seeing clients then we recommend not using the activator for a weighted tuning fork because it makes a thud sound which disturbs the quiet space you are trying to create.

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  • 5
    Life Changing 136.1 HZ Tuning Fork

    Posted by Sara Steen on May 6th 2024

    This tuning fork has made an amazing difference in my entire nervous system and my life!!! It's too long of a story to explain but my physical therapist used hers on me one day. She saw my face totally relax and my ability to breathe naturally and I felt the difference immediately!!! I use it multiple times a day, every day. It really feels like the missing piece of the puzzle that I so desperately needed. Thank you so much for such an amazing product that I can use myself.

  • 5
    OM 136.1 HZ Tuning Fork

    Posted by susan ploplys on May 9th 2023

    This is the third I have purchased. One for me and two gifts. All of us are Very happy with it!

  • 5
    Creates a mesmerizing sound

    Posted by Julie Campbell on Apr 8th 2023

    I use this tuning fork with the 128 hz near the ears for myself, my husband, and some of my clients before their massage therapy sessions. All of us have said versions of the same thing …” it is a comforting sound, very pleasant and relaxing” . I am so glad I bought this tuning fork!

  • 5
    Exactly what I was looking for

    Posted by Sarah Joy on Mar 26th 2023

    I wanted a weighted tuning fork that was easy to handle and not high pitched. This is perfect as a tool during my massage sessions to unwind the nervous system of my clients. Effective in combination with craniosacral and cupping, I’ve enjoyed adding the Om 136.1 to my therapies.

  • 5
    Good quality

    Posted by Nadia on Feb 9th 2021

    I love the quality of my new tuning fork, the customer service was very helpful with my questions and shipping was fast.

  • 5

    Posted by Eldorado Lubonja on Nov 19th 2020

    I received the package and everything was just wow, the instrument is in very good quality material and the resonance of it is astonishing. It gives you exactly the vibration that describes. The Omnivos team is really big help in every situation. Thank you guys.

  • 4
    Quality product

    Posted by Slavka on Jul 23rd 2020

    Works wonders for calming a racing mind/thoughts, i ve actually been sleeping better when i use it before sleep. Very happy :)

  • 5
    Mid Ohm 136.1hz

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 31st 2020

    This is such a grounding sound and amazing to use all over the body. Great quality, value and service.

  • 5
    Perfect and Clear Match

    Posted by Alma Sapere on Dec 24th 2019

    I bought my first Otto 136 TF six months ago from another manufacturer but noticed something was off... since I own several Omnivous TF’s I decided to invest on a new 136 to pair with my 128Hz - just an amazing difference in quality and the clear overtones are lasting. I love it by itself but the magic really happens for me when I pair it with the 128Hz. Great quality and speedy services. I refer Omnivous to all my clients because they offer the best quality TF’s at an affordable price.