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Low Ohm Tuning Fork (68.05 hz)

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Tuned the Earth frequency of 68.05Hz, the Low Ohm Tuning Fork helps to release strain and stress in the heart. Use it when your energy is low, you feel a lack of connectedness, unable to focus and concentrate or feel need to ground. Ohm or Aum is a sacred syllable spoken at the beginning and end of prayers. When placed by the ears, on the sternum, the Ohm Tuner creates deep resonance which is relaxing and familiar. Use this tuning fork for balance and well being. It promotes good physical, emotional and spiritual healing and health. Place this tuning fork on joints, muscles and nerve groups to help relax the body, releasing stress and preventing the onset of illness. Use it on knees and feet for grounding. 



(4 reviews) Write a Review

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    low ohm tuning

    Posted by carla on Mar 23rd 2021

    I have been using these tuning fork on my arms because i have pain , it helps calm me down after a long busy day

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    seems great

    Posted by Lisa Parra on Nov 17th 2020

    new to using tuning forks but seems to be a good product and very nice quality

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    Low Ohm weighted fork

    Posted by Toni on Jul 16th 2020

    I love the tone of the low Ohm fork. It's very warm and grounding. The sound is quite quiet and the prongs are easily knocked together when you try to get a good activation. I assume this is because of the length of the prongs. The vibration is felt well into the body and this is one of my favourite forks.

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    A Blessing!

    Posted by Agua Clara on Oct 20th 2019

    Every time I hold this fork I enter into a state of deep gratitude. This small instrument is simply divine! I begun using it for pain yet it takes me beyond the body , leaving me with a sense of amplitude and harmony beyond words.... i found the lower Om to be an excellent regulator when environments are overwhelming and it’s proving to be great for jet lag as well. Also, Omnivos deserves my 5 stars. Beautiful forks, timely deliver and awesome customer service! Thank you for making this little piece of magic available to the world!