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Why You Don't Need Specialized Frequencies for Healing

I was once asked which frequency someone should use to help with a vitamin D deficiency. My answer caught her by surprise: take a pill. Sure a tuning fork tuned to vitamin D may help but seriously, if you have an immediate physical problem like this, go for the immediate solution. Using frequencies from tuning forks will supplement and compliment other treatments but it should not be the only treatment for physical issues. So if you have liver issues and want to resolve it holistically, definitely introduce sound as part of the treatment but there are faster and more effective treatment solutions.

Should I Use Specific Frequencies for Specific Issues 

If someone tells me they need a specific frequency to address a specific issue, I usually ask why they think they need that frequency. If the answer is that they feel or intuit that this is the correct frequency, I can have the tuning fork made in about three weeks. If the answer is because someone told them to get that frequency, then we talk for a little bit to see what they really feel they want. Don't take what other people tell you to do as gospel. Definitely listen but most of the time, there are better solutions.

Using a specific frequency to resolve a specific problem only addresses one symptom. Uunless you are getting a strong feeling that you need a specific frequency, stick with the tools which have helped to create positive results for many people for a long time.