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Using the Otto 128 Weighted Tuning Fork


The Otto 128 weighted tuning fork is the most popular forks in use today. Based on the earth frequency of 8Hz, the Otto 128 can be placed anywhere on the body but you feel it most on joints, muscle and nerve groups. This tuning fork has been shown to promote the release of nitric oxide and is particularly good for relieving pain due to inflammation such as arthritis or sports injuries. I'll talk about how to use this weighted tuning fork for general health and for specific issues.

General Health and the Otto 128 Weighted Tuning Fork

As I mentioned, you can put this tuning fork anywhere but let's focus on the back along the spine. The nerves along the spine reach out to the major organs in your body so by working with the spine, you are helping to balance the health of the organs by stimulating the nerve endings and blood flow.

I suggest starting at the lower back. With the tuning fork in one hand, use your other hand find the point where you'd like to place the fork. Tap then place the stem of the fork on that point. The vibration should last between ten and fifteen seconds. While the tuning fork is vibrating on the body, use your other hand to (gently) find the next point on the spine. This is important because if you tap the fork then -- try to find the next point, too much time will have passed since you tapped and the vibration will have slowed or stopped.

Continue doing this while working up the spine placing the stem of the tuning fork on each vertebrea. When you get to the head, you can work your way back down the spine or,  tap and place the tuning fork around the shoulder blades. There are some important acupuncture points in that area. If you are uncertain about where to place the fork or want additional guidance, find an acupuncture chart and follow the merdians. Works every time.

Specific Uses for the Otto 128 Weighted Tuning Fork

As I mentioned in a previous article, nitric oxide helps to relieve joint and muscle pain by reducing inflammation. If you are working on joint stiffness say in the knuckles, tap and place the stem of the Otto 128 on and around the knuckles. Once or twice is all that is necessary for each knuckle. The body will respond by releasing nitric oxide and ease the inflammation and stiffness. Fifteen to twenty minutes later (sooner for some), the pain should be reduced or gone. If not then just repeat the process.

You can place the Otto 128 anywhere there is pain be it in the hands, knees, lower back etc. One thing to be careful of is broken bones or areas of recent surgery. The Otto 128 can help to heal these areas but remember that they will be sensitive and the vibration of the tuning fork may actually hurt. I'd avoid these areas or, place the tuning fork at some distance from the injury and get feedback. If it does not hurt, you can try moving a little closer.