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Creating an Alpha State with the Ohm and Otto 128 Tuning Forks

What is meant by Alpha State and Why it is Important

I am going to mention a few terms you may not be familiar with but don't be concerned, the main point is that when using tuning forks (or sound therapy in general), it is a good idea to start and finish by allowing yourself or your client to listen to an alpha wave.

Brain Waves

In the study of brain waves using an EEG machine, researchers have found four primary states of mind or moods. Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta. Each of these states have a corresponding frequency range which in turn relate to a level of brain activity we may experiencing at any given moment.

  • Beta 14 – 20hz: normal waking state
  • Alpha 8 –13hz: day dreaming, meditation
  • Theta 4 – 7hz: deep of meditation and sleep, shamanic activity
  • Delta .05 – 3hz:  deep sleep, profound states of meditation and healing

Through the use of tuning forks you can create a tone that correlates to one of these states. That brings us to the Alpha state which is where we are in meditation or a relaxed state of mind. To create an alpha wave or alpha tone, use the Otto 128 and the Ohm tuning fork. Why these forks? If you subtract the Ohm frequency (136.1hz) from the Otto 128 (128hz), you get 8hz. 8hz is in the alpha range.

136 - 128 = 8hz

If you listen to these two forks together, you hear and feel the 8hz wave.

Secondly, these are weighted tuning forks which are a low octave and very soothing, listen to one by each ear. Because these forks are weighted you can place them on the body at same time and bring that alpha wave to your body. Try putting them on your sternum or chest. Practitioners should try putting them at different points along the spine or meridians along the spine.

Practice working with the different brain waves. For example, if someone is having trouble staying awake or needs to be more alert, pick two forks that when played together create a beta wave. If you are working with someone who is in meditation, try using two forks which create a theta state (By the ears only, not on the body! Put them on the body and you'll pull them out of the meditation.)

As a reminder, to determine which forks will create a particular wave, subtract the frequencies from each other. When I first started, I created a spreadsheet for reference.

By the way, humans can hear between 16 and 25000hz. Sounds above 25000 are called ultrasound. Sounds below 16 are called extremely low frequencies (ELFS).