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Body Tuners Tuning Forks - Open Bag


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These tuning forks have been opened and may have some nicks or scratch but are still properly tuned.


The Body Tuners are perfect for those who are beginning to explore sound therapy. People use this set when they are feeling out of balance due to daily stress.

The Body Tuners set contains two tuning forks tuned to the notes of C an G (C256Hz and G384Hz). Known in musical terms as the perfect fifth or perfect interval, these two notes have also been called the Shiva and Shakti or Yin and Yang which represent balance and harmony of all aspects of your being. In just a short time (usually 30-60 seconds), these forks can help you to feel calm and relaxed.

Many people will keep this set by their night stand or at work because they are small, lightweight and portable.

Common Uses of the Body Tuners

  • Reduce stress
  • Balance the nervous system
  • Promote a better sleep
  • Meditation

The Body Tuners are part of the Solar Harmonic Spectrum set, a set your should consider if you anticipate exploring sound therapy further. The C & G tuners have been shown to stimulate the release of Nitric Oxide, an important and natural molecule for maintaining good health.

Download the free eBook on Nitric Oxide from Dr. John Beaulieu.

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