Solfeggio Tuning Forks

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Expected release date is Mar 5th 2021

This ancient scale is most often used to assist with healing deep emotional issues and creating an opening for heightened levels of awareness.

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Use this 9 tuning fork set for clearing emotional and spiritual issues which manifest as unhealthy life situations pertaining to work, relationship, health and life direction. The weighted tuning forks are used on the physical body and the unweighted tuning forks are used around the energetic body.

Pronounced: sol fej e o

So that we, the servants of the divine, may sing with tuned voices, and bring ourselves in resonance with the wonders of your vibrational universe”. Dr. John Beaulieu.

The Solfeggio can be purchased as unweighted, weighted. If you are just starting with the Solfeggio we recommend getting the unweighted first. It is the easiest and best set to start with. We created a white paper you can download here you are uncertain where to begin with the Solfeggio.

There has been a lot of discussion and stories about the Solfeggio scale. What is known is that it is an ancient scale which has evolved and changed over the centuries. The Solfeggio frequencies were uncovered by Dr. Joseph Puleo during his research into the Old Testament and numerology. It is believed that each note was a starting note for the different stanzas and verses of the Hymns to St. John the Baptist and Gregorian Chants. Singing with this scale helped people to achieve a state of bliss. These tuning forks are based on the numbers 3, 6 and 9.


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174 hz
285 hz
396 hz
417 hz
528 hz
639 hz
741 hz
852 hz
963 hz


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