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Your Body's Health, its Message, the Solfeggio & Crystal Tuning Forks

By observing the body, you can identify physical and emotion stress points and use the Solfeggio tuning forks and Crystal Tuner to address the stresses. For example, in John Beaulieau's DVD Voice Energetics, you can learn how to determine your emotional state by evaluating your voice. You can do this with clients as well. For example, if someone speaks quickly and without focus, they may have excess air element and need grounding. If someone speaks very slowly and deliberately, they may be too grounded and need a little extra air element. There are also ways to determine your emotional health by looking at the condition of the organs.

For example, the lungs and large intestine hold grief, sadness, guilt and regret. If the lungs and large intestine are healthy, these emotions are replaced with courage.  The organs are a two way sign post. If you or your client is having lung issues, then use the Solfeggio to address grief and sadness and if you or your client is feeling grief and sadness, place some of the focus on the lungs to address issues that may not have yet surfaced.

Recognizing potential or existing problems is fairly simple once you practice it. The question then is what to do about it. Most alternative health practitioners will go directly to the chakras to make sure energy is flowing smoothly but why stop there? If organ health is an issue, then you should also focus your attention there. There are two sets of forks that are ideal for this, the Solfeggio tuning forks and the Angel Tuners. The intention of the Solfeggio frequencies is to address emotional and spiritual issues and since these issues are reflected in the body and organs, the Solfeggio tuning fork frequencies should be used. Use the Crystal Tuner, part of the Angel Tuner set to focus energies on a specific area of the body. Use the unweighted for emotional and spiritual work and the unweighted Solfeggio for the physical work.

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