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Using Two Weighted Tuning Forks Together

The question I was asked was how to use two weighted tuning forks at the same time. It is a really good question. 

I always start a session with two weighted tuning forks, the Otto 128 and the Om 136.1 hz. I activate them using the palm of my hand, pinky side then place them by each ear. For example, The Otto 128 will go by the right ear and the Om tuning fork will go by the left. When the vibration stops, I activate them again and switch ears. You can do this as often as you like. 

When working on the body I will usually place them on the body at the same time but at different points. For example, I will place one of these forks below my knee and the other on my ankle. This creates a connection between the two forks which I have found improves the flow energy and circulation. There are also times when I will place them together on one point. I had a shoulder injury recently so my wife placed both forks on the point around the injury to reduce the inflammation.

There is no wrong way to use tuning forks. If you have two weighted forks then give this a try but don’t limit yourself by my ideas. If you find a better way that works for you then absolutely do it.