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Sound Therapy and the Five Elements: Earth

This final post on sound therapy and the five elements will cover how to balance the earth element with tuning forks.


Earth is security, earth provides limits and boundaries, earth grounds us. When things feel out of control or we have trouble finding focus, we say that we need to be grounded. Grounding gives us connection and clarity. After a sound therapy session, it is very important to ground yourself or your client so that they can easily slip back into their environment.

I gave a session to the husband of a client because she could not come to the session. He had never experienced sound therapy before and told me he had to drive to 40 minutes to the airport after the session. I ended the session 15 minutes early and it was a good thing. It took him that long to feel like he could leave. He would get up and pace a bit then sit down, try to explain how he felt but could only say a few words before pausing, all symptoms of lack of connection (excess air element and lack of earth).


Some of the typical indications of the need for earth (grounding) include feeling or wanting to feel separated or distant from people or places and being adamant about beliefs or being judgmental. Remember that someone who seems very "airy" or "fiery" may in fact, need earth balance.

You can help ground someone with the Otto 128 Weighted Tuning fork or Om 136.1 weighted tuning fork. Try placing it on the knees and bottom of the feet and on the sternum.