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Should I use a Gem Foot with a weighted tuning fork

There are a few reasons for using a gem foot with a weighted tuning fork. The primary reason is to bring crystal energy to the body. When you attach a gem foot to a weighted tuning fork such as Otto 128 or Om 136.1, the healing vibration of that fork is amplified through the crystal. By using a clear quartz gem foot you can put any intention towards that crystal to amplify the intention. This is also how the Crystal Tuning Fork works.

The other benefit of the gem foot is that you can slide the tuning fork along the body, following acupuncture meridians for example. This is not something you can do comfortably without the foot because the bottom of the stem has some edges and even though they are very small, moving it along the body might be uncomfortable.

The one thing to be aware of is that using a gem foot will noticeably lesson the strength of the vibration felt on the body. Most people feel the difference. That said, the energetic strength of the vibration is increased with the foot. So what to do?

If you do not plan on moving the stem of the fork along the body then you do not need the gem foot. If you like working with crystal energy then you’ll like working with the gem foot.

What if you want to use the gem foot sometimes? It comes with an Allen wrench which allows you to easily attach and remove the foot. It only takes a few seconds. If you are like me and do not want to fiddle with it during a session then I recommend getting two weighted tuning forks, the Otto 128 and Om 136.1. I put the gem foot on one. This also allows me to place the two forks on the same point keeping one where it is and the other with the gem foot to slide along the body.

Omnivos only carries the Clear Quartz Gem Foot but there are others, amethyst, rose quartz and a few others. You can find these at Biosonics.