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Should I get the Solfeggio or Solar Harmonics Tuning Fork Set

I received an email from someone who has the Solar Harmonics set. This person was told that if you have the Solar Harmonics you do not need the Solfeggio. I was asked if this was true. I get this type of question often so I thought I’d post a synopsis of my response. 

The person who told you that if you have the Solar Harmonics you do not need the Solfeggio is sort of right, sort of wrong. It is person dependent. 

The Solar Harmonics are based on Earth frequencies, five elements and to some extend, the Fibonacci ratio. The Solar Harmonics is an incredibly meditative set which help people to reduce stress and reach a very meditative state. Everyone I have played the Solar Harmonics for has loved them. You can reach a still point very easily with the Solar Harmonics.

The Solfeggio is based on the Old Testament and numerology and have been known to help people become aware of emotional, spiritual or trauma related blocks. These too can create a deep meditative state but it is a different feel. When I have had a good experience with the Solfeggio, it feels I like just returned from a spiritual journey. The Solfeggio like all forks are to be experienced. 

Both sets will help people to get where they want (whether they know it or not), self-awareness. They just take different paths to get there. One set is all you need to get started and you should choose that set based on what feels right to you. One is not better than the other, just different. Most practitioners will eventually have both.