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Otto 64 Weighted Tuning Fork for Lower Back Pain


Often when folks talk about weighted tuning forks, they think of the Otto 128 or the Om 136.1 tuner. I'll talk about those in future posts but I want to focus on the Otto 64. Remember that the number after Otto refers to frequency so the Otto 64 is 64 hz. Dr. John Beaulieu recommends that the Otto 64 be used on the hips and lower back but very often, the reason for this is overlooked.

The lower back is where you will find a major nerve group called the ganglion impar. This region can be the source of lower back pain for many people. Some doctors will inject nerve blocks to relieve pain in that area but keep in mind that the Otto 64 can also be used to compliment treatment for back pain. We know that tuning forks help to release nitric oxide which in turn helps the blood to flow more smoothly (reduces inflammation). Any one who has had a muscle cramp knows what it feels like when the blood supply is reduced or cut off for a bit. By using the Otto 64 along the lower back and hips, you assist the body by helping it to deliver a healthy supply of blood to the ganglion impar region which in turn keeps the lower back and the organs the nerve group it supports, healthy.

I believe the reason why people do not choose the Otto 64 too often is because physically, you may not feel it as much as the Otto 128 or Earth tuner and the vibration does not last as long. Never-the-less, you should definitely be using the Otto 64 for lower back pain and to keep the ganglion impar nerve group and the organs it feeds healthy.