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What tuning forks should I get?


What are you intentions?

Most people approach selecting tools for sound therapy (and most everything else) with intellect, the left brain approach. What is interesting is that we may make our selection purely on intellect but, whether you actually like your choice will be based how you feel after using your tuning forks.

Think about where you would like to be six months from now. Are you feeling stressed, do you want to make a change in your life style, address some beliefs you have? Are you feeling pain or discomfort? Answering these questions will help you to determine which tuning forks to work with.

It's a bit of a quandary because most people do not have access to tuning forks to listen to before they make a selection so intellect seems to be all we have to go with. Well, not really.

Last week I was working with two different people who were selecting tuning forks. After selecting several different options, the first person selected a set which on paper, was a great set. Then she took a few hours to sit and see how she felt about it. It felt good, she gave me her decision and her set arrives on Friday.

The second person took a little longer because she left it to me to select the forks for her. After several different options were rejected, I told her that she had fallen into the trap of making a decision based on the descriptions of the forks. What was interesting was that in her emailed reply, she said that she "took stock of me" and proceeded to give me what she wanted to experience. I am not exactly sure what she meant by taking stock of me but from there she made her decision pretty quickly.

My point is that you already know what is best for you. By all means, read the words and feed your brain but when it comes time to make a selection, sit quietly and ask yourself which is best for you. Take the first answer and go with it.

One of my first teachers, John Beaulieu, once told me to pick up my tuning fork and use my intuition. My first thought was you don't know me, I have no intuition. Well we all have intuition but it is not always an "ah ha" moment. It is just what idea comes to you before your mind starts analyzing it. Go with your first thought.