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Grounding and Energy Fields with Sound Therapy

I had an interesting email conversation with someone last week that I wanted to share with you. We started out talking about grounding but it progressed in to energy and aura fields.

Q. How can we know if we are grounded, or grounded enough?


A. If you were not grounded your thought process would be scattered. You may have trouble focusing, thinking clearly or communicating. In five element terms you would be air or water. You know you are grounded when you can focus and remain with a thought without being distracted.After a session I check to see how my client's balance is and if they are having trouble communicating. If they seem a little un-grounded, I will ask them to sit down (not lay down), give them some water and something light to eat like nuts or crackers. I'll also place the Om 136.1 on their knees and bottom of their feet (acupuncture point kidney 1). I've lived in the woods and by the ocean so I'll invite them to sit outside and connect with the natural surroundings.

I once had a session scheduled with a woman who at the last minute was unable to make her appointment so she sent her husband instead. He had never experienced sound therapy or any type of alternative healing. After the session he needed to support himself to stand up and could not speak in full sentences. When he was able to speak, it was to tell me that he had to drive 40 minutes on the highway to the airport. Anyone who has driven in Logan Airport in Boston knows what that can be like. I sat him down and worked on his feet and knees with the Om 136.1, gave him some water and after 5 minutes he was good to go.

Q. Do you agree with some therapists' statement that it is very important for the therapist as well as for the client to be grounded? And that this applies to before as well as after the session?

A. I disagree with part of this statement. As a therapist I think it is important that I stay grounded and aware so I can observe the person I am working with to make sure they are comfortable with the session. Facial expressions or body movements will help me with that so I stay present to observe. Sometimes I get sensations in my body which at times I will associate with what my client is feeling. So relax and recognize that you as the therapist are also receiving a healing but remember that the session is for the person on the table. You are just fortunate enough to be there.

It is not important for the client to be grounded during the session. Healing comes from letting go and allowing yourself to experience higher levels of energy and consciousness. Being grounded during a session is a like a balloon with a weight tied to it. The balloon floats but is tethered. A good healing session is when the weight at the end of the string is light enough so that the balloon can rise off the ground but not fly off. You come out of the session relaxed and unburdened by what has been troubling you.

I have done sessions where the balloon is released from the weight and the client has what might be described as an out of body experience. When this occurs profound healing can happen, usually emotional or spiritual in nature. I don't plan for this or try to make it happen. The client controls this and will do so if they are ready and willing. That is why I stay present and grounded.

Q. If it is not important to ground the client, what about closing the aura or energy field? Isn't this essential?

A. When you work with energy or aura fields with reiki, a tuning fork or any type of healing practice, you are working with vibration. Vibration cannot be opened or closed, it is just there, always. If someone comes to me saying they feel depressed, I recognize that as lower vibration. By using tuning forks which I know to be higher vibration, I am creating an environment where the lower vibration cannot be present and must leave making room for the higher vibration. So for me it is never about closing an energy field, it is about creating an environment where only positive energy can exist.