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Do the Solfeggio Frequencies Relate to Specific Chakras

When the Solfeggio frequencies were revealed there were 6 frequencies. Joseph Puelo is the bible scholar who found them and they were verified by a mathematician, Randy Masters. Randy researched a little more and found three additional frequencies which were in line with what was found by Joseph Puelo. The set with 3 three extra frequencies/forks give you more options. There is nothing more to it. 

These forks do not have to relate to a specific chakra and I recommend that you do not do so. Based on Joseph Puelo’s research when toning these frequencies you can clear the chakra channel but with tuning forks, you do not need to put the first fork (technically 396) over the root. The reason is that the body will take that frequency and put it where it needs to go. For example, I have worked with someone whose root chakra was weak. I took the 852hz fork and put it a few feet above their head and after a few minutes their root chakra was strong again. 

The body will take what you give it and put it to good use where it needs to be or reject it. Body rejection is dissonance.

My point is do not limit yourself to common belief. Any fork can be used anywhere on the body, let your intuition guide you as to where. That is true with the 3 additional Solfeggio forks, they do not have to relate to an area of the body. The entire set, 6 or 9 forks can be used anywhere around the physical or energetic body.