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Body Tuners Weighted Tuning Forks


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The C&G unweighted tuning forks are used to help those feeling out of balance due to daily stress. We have had requests to offer a weighted version of the Body Tuners. Here it is!

The 192hz G tuning fork iand the Otto 128 which is a C note make and C&G weighted tuning fork set.

Why would I want a weighted Body Tuner set?

Unweighted tuning forks are concidered energtic forks and are used around the body. Weighted tuning forks create a strong vibration so that they can be felt through the stem onto the body. They are considered physical tuning forks.

By using a weighted Body Tuner set you can bring balance to the physical body. Using both the weighted and unweighted Body Tuner sets allows you to bring balance to the entire body, physical and energetic.

Please Note: the 192hz tuning fork comes with a 2" handle, the Otto 128 comes with a 3" handle.