Angel Tuners


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New - Now with 3" Handles

These forks are excellent for energy workers and individuals who want to open there senses to higher realms. They can help to open your mind to new ideas and provides increased receptivity. By vibrating your cranial bones, the Angel Tuners open the gateway for spiritual insights and experiences. During meditation or a healing session, use these forks to enhance your experience or the experience of your client.

The Crystal tuner (4096 hz) is part of the Angel tuners. It is used to focus energy through a clear quartz crystal for a more directed healing experience. The other frequencies are 4160HZ and 4225Hz.

For information on how to use the Angel Tuning Forks, visit our education center.

The effects of the Angel Tuners come from tapping these forks against each other. You can listen to them separately. For that recommend adding an activator to your order.

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