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528hz Tuning Fork-Open Bag


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These tuning forks have been opened and may have some nicks or scratch but are still properly tuned.

The 528hz tuning fork, part of the Solfeggio tuning fork set, has unique properties for aiding your physical, emotional and spiritual well being. There is a lot of talk about this frequency repairing DNA. Years ago someone was experimenting with this frequency to help remove particles preventing water from clearing debris in our cell membranes which would lead to better health. Over time this got interpreted into repairing DNA. It might be true, especially if that is your intention.

If your budget allows, we do recommend using the complete Solfeggio Tuning Fork set to assist with healing deep emotional issues and creating an opening for heightened levels of awareness.

New to tuning forks? We recommend adding an activator to your order. It will making learning much easier. Click the checkbox above the order button.