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We have something in common
When Omnivos Therapeutics was first conceived its mission was simple, provide therapeutic and educational tools for holistic health. Holistic health is not an end point such as the finish line of a race, holistic health is a life style. Holistic health implies balance of the intellect, emotional, physical and spiritual which make up the whole. So Omnivos Therapeutics provides tools to aid in achieving balance as a whole.

We practice what we preach

We use everything we offer on this site, for ourselves and clients so we speak from personal experience and the experience of our clients and other practitioners.

Why we do not run sales, offer discounts or coupons

No one wants to see the item they paid full price for go on sale a few days later. For this reason we just keep the prices low and consistent. This way you do not have to wonder if you should have waited or asked if there were any promotions coming.


Omnivos Therapeutics has been meeting the needs of holistic health practitioners with sound therapy tools since 2004. We are dedicated to providing the best holistic tools available and to support them with telephone consultations, workshops, articles and other educational and support materials. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email us or call 877.895.6609 in the USA or Canada. 

We also have an extensive education center where you can learn about different products and how to use them, ask questions or leave suggestions for others.

Omnivos is pronounced as if there was an "e" at the end, Omnivose. We chose not to use the "e" to keep in line with the Latin spelling and pronunciation. Omni translates to All or Universal and Vos means You so Omnivos means Universal You.

Omnivos Therapeutics
Boston, Massachusetts
Tel: 877-895-6609  in the USA , Canada & Mexico
Tel: +1.(339) 244-1563 Outside North America
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