Quartzophone Duo

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The Duo is a binaural instrument with two tubes tuned to F# in the scale of 440hz & 442hz, high heart in chakra terms. Activating the two tubes of the Duo simultaneously creates a beating sound that increases brain coherence. It would as if you were playing two crystal singing bowls or two tuning forks with the same frequency. It is a very profound and meditative experience.

The quartz crystal tubes of the Quartozphone Duo are seated on an acrylic base and come with one padded striker or mallet.

How to Play the Quartzohone Duo

  • Place your instrument on a flat surface or hold it in your hand.
  • Practice deep, abdominal breathing for several minutes.
  • Using the striker, tap gently, directly in the middle of the tube: this creates a powerful vibrato and a pure, clear sound.
  • Hold the instrument in your hand and wave it back and forth to create unique, powerful sound waves.
  • To receive the greatest benefit, let the instrument resonate freely, until the sustain sound fades away completely.
  • Start with short sessions (3-5 minutes) and increase gradually over time, according to your experience and your needs.

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Listen to the Quartzophone Duo: videoplay.png

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