Quartzophone Crystal Duo

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Activating the pure quartz tube of the Quartzophone Crystal Duo creates a resonant vibration that amplifies focus, intention and prayer and therefore can have palpable, beneficial effects on both physical and more subtle energy levels.

The Quartzophone Duo is tuned to F#, high heart in chakra terms.

If you wave the instrument around your body (while it is resonating), it acts as a cosmic wave of sound, and can be used in this way to cleanse and refresh the subtle energy bodies or aura (for example, after a long and difficult day at work). The Duo can also be focused outward and used with intention to purify and remove negative energies in the environment (inside a building, or in outside spaces).

The Quartzophone Duo is light, easy to hold, play, and carry. Also it takes up very little space and can be transported from one place to another in a backpack, in the car, in one’s carry-on luggage, etc. The packing materials can be saved and reused to transport or ship the instrument in a secure way. The Crystal Duo has two crystal tubes, tuned to F#, high heart. The Duo is mounted on an acrylic base and is lightweight and portable.

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The quartz crystal tubes of the Quartzophone Duo is seated on an acrylic base and come with one padded striker or mallet.

How to Play the Quartzophone Duo

  • Place your instrument on a flat surface or hold it in your hand.
  • Practice deep, abdominal breathing for several minutes.
  • Using the striker, tap gently, directly in the middle of the tube: this creates a powerful vibrato and a pure, clear sound.
  • Hold the instrument in your hand and wave it back and forth to create unique, powerful sound waves.
  • To receive the greatest benefit, let the instrument resonate freely, until the sustain sound fades away completely.
  • Start with short sessions (3-5 minutes) and increase gradually over time, according to your experience and your needs.

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