Practitioner's Tuning Fork Set II

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The Otto and Ohm tuners are among the most popular tuning fork available. Safe and easy to use, these tuners are excellent for health practitioners and individuals for relaxing and de-stressing the mind and body. The Solar Harmonics are a great set for working with stress relaxation and for those who work with the elements. The Solfeggio work well for addressing emotional and spiritual awakening.

The Otto 128 and Ohm/Earth Tuner as well as the C&G, included with the Solar Harmonic set have been shown to stimulate the release of Nitric Oxide, an important and natural molecule for maintaining good health. 

  1. Om tuner (136.1Hz - also referred to as mid-om) 
  2. Otto 128
  3. Otto 64
  4. Otto 32
  5. Solar Harmonics
  6. Solfeggio (unweighted)
  7. Tuning fork activator
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