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Open bag means that some one returned this item. They are still accurate and work well but may have a few scratches.

The Otto 32 is a weighted tuning fork used along the skin to regenerate and stimulate nerves. It is also used around the cranium for head aches and eye strain. It may also assist in regenerating nerve damage. The Otto 32 is also effective in stimulating the cranial sacral pulse when used on the feet and ankles.

Do I need an activator with this tuning fork?

No, in fact we recommend that you do not use an activator with the weighted tuning forks. Doing so over time can loosen the weights which if their position on the prongs moves will change the frequency. Instead we recommend using the palm of your hand. Watch the Getting Started video to learn how. If you have a physical issue which prevents you for using your hand then by all means use an activator.

Unlike other weighted tuning forks, you would not tap this fork on the weights. Instead lightly tap the prong about 1/3 from the top.

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Please note: the Otto 32 does not come with a bag.