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Digital Recordings for Sound Therapy

I'm a bit of a purist so I prefer to hear the actual musical instruments rather than a recordings however I've come across a record which I really like, PrimaSounds from the School of Wisdom.

PrimaSounds was born from the work of Arnold Keyserling. I really recommend reading the story of PrimaSounds and what I believe to be the truth about chakras, what they do and how to work with chakra energy and healing. There are several recordings you can work with. I recommend Gatekeeper and PrimaSounds CDs.

There are hundreds of recordings out there that claim to be "sound healing". Listening to samples of them online don't really tell you if they are any good because sound healing is a journey, not a 45 second snippet. Also remember that recordings over the internet are compressed so you typically loose the high and low frequencies.

A friend of mine bought a meditation CD of flowing water. When we listened to it, we both agreed that it was nothing more that water flowing out of a bathroom faucet, it was that obvious. The reason I am recommending the CDs are because for me, they work for me. I'm pretty sure PrimaSounds will work for you.